INDe Drum Lab Releases RESoArmor Coating For Incredibly Durable Snare Drums

Independent Drum Lab has developed a new coating technology that is hand-applied to the shell, and bonds directly to the wood fibres, allowing it to resonate efficiently along with the shell.  The material allows nearly unlimited options for colour schemes and designs, making each drum one-of-a-kind.  The completed drums are highly impact and weather resistant, making them perfect for actively gigging drummers.    


Custom built snare drums in the customer’s choice of depths in 13-15″ diameters.   

Colours and design are customer-selected, then hand mixed and applied by INDe

Made with INDe’s exclusive ultra-thin (4.3mm) 5 ply shell

Rounded bearing edges

Smooth and lightweight INDe SB1 Strainer

Steel, Brass, or Die-Cast hoop options

Customers’s choice of Aquarian Drumheads

20 Strand Steel, 20 Strand Bronze, or 42 Strand Bronze snare wires

About Independent Drum Lab
Josh Allen started Independent Drum Lab in 2015 in order to serve drummers with better designed drums, built in the USA, and marketed with honesty and integrity.    
INDe Drums and Components are designed from the ground up with the science of sound in mind.  Every component is designed to allow their proprietary shells sing freely and openly, and to resonate like none other.  The company’s simple, sound-focused concept allows their drums to outperform drums at any price, but are sold at prices working drummers can afford.

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