John Bonham Signature Drumsticks Re-issued for 2020

British percussion brand, Promuco are delighted to re-issued the John Bonham Signature Drumstick. These premium Hickory sticks are made to the exact same specification as John Bonham’s original ‘Trees’ from the 1970s and feature his legendary ‘acorn’ tip.

John Bonham is a true legend, and we’re so pleased that we are able to re-issue these excellent drumsticks,” comments Alex Mew, marketing director of Promuco’s parent company, Barnes & Mullins’. “Back in the 1970s and 80s, Barnes & Mullins were responsible for distributing Promuco sticks across the UK, including the Bonham signature models. So, as the new owners of the previously long-dormant brand, we’re proud to have reached agreement with the John Bonham licence holders so that once again drummers can own a little piece of rock n roll history… as well as use the excellent sticks to create their very own musical legacy.”

Promuco say that the John Bonham re-issue drumsticks will be available throughout the USA and Canada toward the end of February 2020.

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