Lockdown Your Music Education…. DIME Online Launches New Higher-Education Awards In Partnership With RSL

  • Global online music education provider, DIME ONLINE, now offers exclusive RSL Level 4 & Level 5 Awards in Creative Industries.

  • Faculty includes well-known Music Industry professionals to guide students through their learning journey.

  • DIME ONLINE courses are affordable, accessible and high-level for students of all ages.

    With or without a worldwide pandemic, DIME ONLINE knows it’s important for musicians, songwriters, and music entrepreneurs to improve their skills and gain academic credit. Twelve new DIME ONLINE courses do just that, and are accredited by global leaders, RSL Awards.

    The new courses enable students to study with flexibility, making working from home an advantage. DIME ONLINE has been successfully teaching music courses online for 6 years in 23 countries, and these new courses at degree Levels 4 & 5 allow students to take one or more classes and stack-up the credits as they go, making them affordable and flexible for all.

    DIME ONLINE Head of Education, Mike Sturgis comments, “We are very proud of this huge step forward in modern music education. RSL are the ideal academic partners for DIME ONLINE as these new and innovative, specialist courses prove.”

    The Extended Diploma awards are equal to the 1st and 2nd year of a BA (Hons) degree and are available for performers, songwriters and music entrepreneurs. In addition to an intensive focus on the development of specialist skills and a viable career path, the courses are designed to allow students to work collaboratively in ways that emulate today’s music industry, earning higher education credits and awards throughout the process.

    DIME ONLINE’s courses are delivered entirely through a virtual learning environment and feature cutting-edge lesson content via video, notation, graphics, audio and text. In addition to 24-7 access to course material, students are supported by world-class teaching faculty. The courses are designed with clarity and focus and will lead any student through a clear learning path. DIME ONLINE partners, RSL, are the world’s largest specialist awarding body for the contemporary arts, dedicated to redefining creative education.

    Tim Bennett-Hart from RSL adds: “The creative industries are an extremely important and vibrant part of the world economy. DIME ONLINE courses utilise technology to create a compelling and modern way for students to learn. We are delighted that they have chosen to work with RSL Awards qualifications and become our first entirely online delivery centre. We are proud partners and feel great synergy that the DIME approach to learning and teaching that aligns with our work in awarding.

    DIME Managing Director Sarah Clayman points to the advantages that studying online can provide. “With people spending more and more time online, it makes sense for us to offer these innovative and flexible courses so that people can study wherever they are in the world. In addition to increasing skills, the courses are designed to help students really understand and navigate the current music industry, while earning higher education credits and awards in tandem.”

She adds, “We’re very excited about DIME ONLINE working with RSL to offer accredited courses that are accessible and affordable. Online study is a compelling option for students who may face difficulties in taking up places within full-time, campus-based education, and we’re delighted to be part of this innovative trend.”


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