Meinl Introduce Stick And Brush

Meinl is introducing a full line of drumsticks, multi-rods, brushes, and mallets.

Meinl drumsticks are precision crafted in Germany using North American Hickory and Maple. All pairs are weight and pitch matched. Available categories include standard, hybrid, heavy, big apple, and concert stick models. Every category features distinct characteristics and options to choose from and are suitable for all musical styles and genres. 

Meinl’s new multi-rods, brushes, percussion sticks, and mallets features a diversity of models made from various materials for drummers and percussionists alike. 

Meinl has a long history in producing high-quality drumsticks”, comments Meinl’s general manager Udo Heubeck. “Between the mid-80s and early-90s, we offered a full line of Meinl drumsticks made from hickory, maple, and oak. Globally speaking, we feel that now is the right time for us to introduce our Meinl Stick And Brush assortment to all drummers worldwide and hope to inspire them to take their drumming to new levels.”

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