Meinl Introduces the 16“ Byzance Vintage Sand Hats

Designed in cooperation with Benny Greb, Meinl Cymbals have introduced the new 16“ Byzance Vintage Sand Hats.

The original Sand Hat idea dates back to the year 2010 when Meinl Cymbals debuted the Byzance 14“ Vintage Sand Hats. Now 8 years later, a 16“ version of the same hihat has been developed together with Benny Greb, paying tribute to new musical trends and customer requests for a bigger sized Sand Hat.

I was using the prototype version of the 16“ Sand Hats in the studio for year as a beautiful option when I needed a warmer, broader hihat sound, while at the same time keeping everything alive that I love about the 14“ version,“ comments Benny Greb. “Now I can share this great sound with you too, and I am very excited about it.“


Size                16“

Model                Byzance Vintage Hihat

Finish                Sandblasted

Weight                Medium Thin

Material        B20

Production        Hand Hammered

Lathe                Narrow Blade

Made In        Turkey

Timbre                Dark

Ptich                Low

Character        Vintage, Dry

Volume                Medium to Low

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