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Your Sound In Colour

Stand out with Remo’s new Colortone Drumheads featuring proprietary Skyndeep® Imaging Technology for a stunning visual appeal with powerful projection, tone and durability. Colortone drumheads are offered in Powerstroke® 77 snare, Emperor®, and Powerstroke® 3 Bass in 6 vibrant colors; orange, yellow, red, green, blue and smoke.

The Powerstroke® 77 Colortone snare Drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of high-strength Mylar® film with an added 5-mil Controlled Sound® Dot on top and a 7-mil dampening underlay ring for a powerful, focused attack. Available in sizes 13” and 14”.

The Emperor® Colortone Drumheads are constructed with 2-plies of high-strength Mylar® film. Available in sizes 8” through 18”.

The Powerstroke® 3 Bass drumheads are constructed with a single-ply 10-mil high-strength Mylar® film combined with a 10-mil underlay dampening ring. Available in sizes 18” through 26”.

Customize your drums like never before with a new dimension in color that demands to be seen and heard.

Festival Drums Utilize New Remo Technologies

The Remo Festival Drums are designed with a carefree replaceable Pre-Tuned drumhead and a lightweight, environmentally friendly, recycled drum shell. This unique design produces a professional quality sound that you will enjoy playing whether at home, school, or at outdoor drumming activities. Festival Drums are recommended by facilitators and educators as the ideal alternative to the more expensive and higher maintenance traditional drums with rawhide heads.

Schools and other institutions appreciate the lightweight and compact storage features of the Festival Drum, the new replaceable Fliptop Pre-Tuned drumhead, and sound quality that eliminates the need for tuning. Fliptop™ drumheads are designed to provide an easy maintenance pre-tune design that eliminates the need for re-tuning or concern for weather. With proper care you will enjoy many hours of play in all environments.


Nested Set:

Tubanos 10″, 12″, 14″ diameter x 24.50″ height, Finish: Black Suede

Combo Pack:

10″ diameter: Djembe, Timbau, Tubano


10″ Djembe

10″ Timbau

10” Doumbek


Finishes available:

Cafe, Morado, or Royal Blue

Remo Connects Art & Drumming With Another Artbeat™ Artist Collection

Remo continues its connection between Drumming & Art with a new ARTBEAT ARTIST COLLECTION from Aric Improta of the band Night Versus. The COLLECTION adds artist artwork on Remo products that include the Cajon, 12” & 14” Djembes, 10″ Tambourine and 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” Drumheads.

The ARTBEAT ARTIST COLLECTION Cajon with Aric’s Aux Moon graphic on a Baltic Birch wood face. This enhances the natural wood grain textures while maintaining rich tonal qualities. The playing surface is a fixed face construction which enhances the bass tones and supports the snare tone separation

The ARTBEAT Cajon can be transformed into a traditional Peruvian Cajon by simply removing the Patented Quick Wedge coil springs, producing a pure bass tone without the snare sound. Ideal for all drumming applications.

The ARTBEAT ARTIST COLLECTION Djembes, with Aric’s Aux Moon graphic, are constructed with the same high quality as Remo’s Mondo Key-tuned Djembes and utilizing our proprietary state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, adding incredible style with Remo’s legendary durability.

Featuring an Acousticon® shell and Remo’s industry-leading weather-resistant Black Suede® drumhead that produce deep bass tones, bright slap and open tones, while being very easy on the hands. A non-skid rubber base, and sleek contour tuning brackets that blend in with the drum give added comfort while playing standing or seated.

The ARTBEAT™ ARTIST COLLECTION Tambourine, with Aric Improta’s New Sun graphic, utilizes our proprietary state-of-the-art equipment and technologies infusing the artwork into the Skyndeep graphic drumhead, adding incredible style to Remo’s legendary durability.

Constructed with an Acousticon® uniquely hand-painted stained shell and a single-row 8 jingle set, the ARTBEAT™ ARTIST COLLECTION Tambourine is lightweight and durable, providing bright, open jingle tones for all drumming applications.

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