NAMM 2019 – Drum Workshop Press Release

DW Crafts First-Ever Pure Almond Drumsets

Drum Workshop Inc. recently announced the introduction of a new wood choice to their award-winning Collector’s Series®line.Pure Almond™ isthe hardest wood currently offered in the California Custom Shop assortment, possessing a bright sonic personality in the same family as Pure Oak™ and Pure Purpleheart™.

Handcrafted in DW’s California Custom Shop, the ground-breaking Pure Almond drums feature a new Staggered Tandem Core™ shell design that puts less tension on the shell and balances the inherent attack and brightness of the almond wood. Each hand Timbre Matched® drum is finished in a distinct Toasted Almond to Natural Burst Lacquer Specialty finish, and can be complemented with any Custom Shop hardware color (chrome/satin chrome/nickel/black nickel/gold).

Collector’s Series ®Pure Almond™ 6-piece drums are available following California Custom Shop sizes (a maximum of 6 pieces may be ordered):


7×10, 8×10, 8×12, 9×12, 12x14F, 14x14F, 14x16F


14×20, 18×20, 18×22


4×14, 4.5×14, 5×14, 5.5×14, 6×14, 6.5×14, 7×14 ,8×14

Offered seasonally, approximately 50 drum sets and 50 snare drums will be produced in 2018. Each drum is specially labelled and signed by John Good, DW Drums’ Executive Vice President and Drum Designer.

We harvested the almond wood from old, no longer economically viable almond trees that were being replaced.’ explains Good,“We gave them new life and created a thing of beauty. Play these drums, it will move you.”

Other proprietary features such as True-Pitch 50™, True-Tone snare wires, MAG Throw-Off™ System with 3P 3-position butt plate, STM tom mounts and DW Heads by REMO all come standard.

DW Pays Tribute To It’s Original 5000 Pedal

Drum Workshop Inc. is pleased to add a Single Chain Pedal(AH4)to their classic 5000 Serieshardware line. This new addition to the 5000 series gives drummers more choice than ever before and is available in a single and double pedal option.

The original DW 5000 Pedal changed drumming forever when it was introduced nearly four decades ago, rapidly becoming an industry standard and the favorite of the world’s top drummers.

The new Single Chain Pedal(AH4)features all the latest design features including the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp™, lightweight aluminum bass plate with new rubber grip surface, a Dual-Bearing Spring Rocker, Accelerator™ cam, the popular 101 two-way beater and more.

The unmistakable playability of a single chain and sprocket drive system remains the favorite of many pedal aficionados. To that end, DW now offer the 5000AH4, a single chain Accelerator™ cam model complete with the original retro 5000 footboard shape. Existing 5000 Series pedals available in Accelerator™ and Turbo™ drive models remain available.

Retail price for the 5000AH4 single is $349.99, the 5002AH4 double pedal retails for $749.99

Founder Don Lombardi explained, “The 5000 pedal is the very foundation of our company. Since the early days, we’ve released many new models, but through it all, the 5000 has remained a top choice. That’s the greatest compliment we can receive. This new model gives players the feel of the original single chain-and-sprocket 5 with some of our latest advancements. We think drummers will love it!”

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