NAMM 2020 – Pearl Press Release – New Year – New Colours

This year, Pearl is pleased to announce that we’ve expanded the stock colour line up by 12 exciting new finishes available for 7 different drum series all the way from Export to Reference.

For the demanding Pearl Reference Pure drummer, we chose a sophisticated Satin Rose Gold finish. Lavishly equipped with every refinement of design, that kit is just reach-for-your-cam- era-spectacular. Another addition to the Reference Pure finish range is Osiria Rose Stripe. It was inspired by the aforementioned stunning rose featuring bordeaux red combined with contrasting white stripes. One more completely new finish in Pearl’s history is Turquoise Pearl, now available as a Pearl Reference stock colour option for the unmistakable stage presence. For our legendary Masters Maple Reserve series, we are introducing two new finishes: brilliantly looking Red Burst Triband and charming Light Amber. In turn, Pearl Masters Maple Complete stock finishes now include Almond Red Stripe, an elegant and versatile colour choice, as well as delightful Satin Sakura Coral. The idea for the new Chrome Contrail finish came from the line-shaped clouds that are left behind by aircraft engine exhaust.

The best-selling drum kit of all time – Pearl Export has received a new classic Matte White colour option.Previously available only in USA, Black Mirror Chrome is now a part of the European Ses- sion Studio Select colour range. Imagine the stage lights reflecting off that kit! If you love neutrals, you’ll appreciate the new lacquer Satin Gold Meringue finish for the Decade Maple series. Inspired by outdoors, the Deep Forest Burst finish features dark green and black fades.

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New 2020 Stock Colours


#736 Turquoise Pearl

Reference Pure

#843 Osiria Rose Stripe

#844 Satin Rose Gold

Masters Maple Reserve

#842 Light Amber

#839 Red Burst Triband

Masters Maple Complete

#837 Chrome Contrail

#838 Satin Sakura Coral

#840 Almond Red Stripe

Session Studio Select

#766 Black Mirror Chrome

Decade Maple

#213 Deep Forest Burst

#215 Satin Gold Meringue


#735 Matte White

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