New Hudson Release – Rhythmic Imagination: Brazilian Rhythms Coordination Studies, by Ramon Montagner

Rhythmic Imagination: Brazilian Rhythms Coordination Studies, by Ramon Montagner, seeks to help students develop the aptitude for the execution of rhythms, and ascend some steps further in the sense of rhythmic independence.

The method is based on his extensive use and experimentation of his own material with students for over a decade, inspired by the systems used by Gary Chester, Alan Dawson, and John Ramsay, as well as Marvin Dahlgren, Elliot Fine, and Norman Grossman.

With these ideas in mind, Ramon created systems and rhythmic interpretation when reading two or three-voice reading, and combined them with the concept of harmonic coordination. This new system exposes drum students new concepts beyond standard coordination practice. 

What People Are Saying

Rhythmic Imagination brings a fresh, systematized approach to learning how to improvise on traditional Brazilian Rhythms. Borrowing from study methods used by jazz drummers, Montagner’s exercises present a platform of possibilities, assisting the development of a drummer’s unique creative voice. Thorough study of the exercises presented in this book will improve 4 way coordination, improvisational vocabulary and reading skills while building an awareness of drum set sound balance. I highly recommend Rhythmic Imagination for any drummer serious about playing modern Brazilian Music.

Casey Scheuerell, Drummer And Educator | Berklee School Of Music

Once in a while a drummer comes along that truly innovates in the genre they specialize in. Ramon is one of those drummers. This fresh approach to extending your knowledge of Brazilian drumming is very well organized, challenging and methodical. I especially like the attention given to the reading sections as they help you get into the mindset Ramon is teaching. We have some history about the origines of the grooves included as well as coordination exercises to expand into. Also innovations in independence for these grooves that I like very much! Over all a great addition to any drummer’s Library of world rhythms. I highly recommend checking it out! All the best.

Phil Maturano, Drummer And Educator

With this book Ramon expanded the teaching process of motor coordination in Brazilian rhythms. Following a tradition in developing this topic, through systems and reading, Ramon expands the coortinative possibilities, adding innovative ideas that seek to facilitate through a repetitive and accumulative process, sometimes difficult in motor coordination, a freer way of playing

Lilian Carmona, Drummer And Educator

Wow! Ramon Montagner takes big steps beyond the aready great Gary Chester’s New Breed. The Brazilian systems and the reading pages are challenging, groovy and extremely fun to study. Without a doubt, one of the best drumbooks in recent years. A must-have!

Mark Eeftens, Drum  Teacher  And  Editor  For  Slagwerkkrant  Magazine

In this book Ramon succeeded to combine the magical world of Brazilian rhythms with smart coordination exercises. He shares with us his deep knowledge of the Brazilian drum set tradition and helps us mastering this using six standard grooves combined with musical and practical reading pages with different voicings. I’m using his book in my lessons at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Conservatory.

Highly recommended!

Lucas Van Merwijk, Drummer And Head Professor At The Conservatory Of Rotterdam And Conservatory Of Amsterdam

Dear drummer friends: you have in your hands one of the highest-leveled knowledge from one of the greatest drummers in the planet. I know his dedication up close and Ramon’s passion for the instrument and the research, and I know that the entire musical community is very grateful to him for sharing his knowledge with us. Thank you for the gift.

Edu Ribeiro, Drummer And Educator

Ramon Montagner is very strong musician who can combine impressive technical skills along with very musical and organic playing on the kit.He has come up with an inspiring book that uses systems and reading to develop more ease with varied Brazilian drumming styles. I honestly think his book is a must and every drummer who would want to explore these styles in depth should get a copy.

Daniel Bédard, Drummer And Educator

Ramon, it’s brilliant. I think it’s great, so well put-together, and educational. I will try some of the easier ones!! Thank you for sending it to me.

Colin Bailey, Drummer And Educator

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