Pearl Masters Maple Gum Now Available In Europe

The Drum Sound That Has Withstood the Test of Time

Building upon the outstanding legacy of the Pearl Masters series, the new Masters Maple Gum kit offers arguably the greatest drum tones ever recorded. Originally presented at the 2019 winter NAMM show, this drum series is now available in Europe too. The Maple Gum shell combination is renowned worldwide for its explosive midrange warmth and extended low end power.

The New Vintage Drums

This kit speaks with pure midrange projection and unique bottom-end. Its articulate, clean tonality commands a vintage flavour with a modern flair. For warmth and dryness at the heart of every Masters Maple Gum kit is a 6-ply hybrid shell with 4 thin outer plies of the premium North American Maple and 2 plies Gumwood inside. Rounded-outer 60° bearing edges give these drums a rounder, more classic response.

Colours:Available in two preselected shell packs for the sound conscious professional player with a limited offering of hand-lacquered and wrapped finishes.

“We’ve spent the last year sound-testing these drums to assure that the right combination of shell woods, hoops, and lugs was in the mix for an elite playing experience; and we couldn’t be prouder of the results!” – Pearl R&D Director Raymond Massey about Pearl Masters Maple Gum




Pearl Drums

Made in



Masters Maple Gum


EvenPly Six (6-ply, 5.4mm) North American Maple/Gum

Shell Packs

3-piece: 22” x 16” Bass drum; 12” x 8” Tom; 16” x 16” Floor tom 4-piece: 22” x 16” Bass drum; 10” x 7” and 12” x 8” Toms; 16” x 16” Floor tom


OptiMount Aluminium Suspension System, MasterCast Die-Cast, CL Bridge Lugs Hoops.


Hand Rubbed Natural Maple, Black Diamond Pearl, Matte White Marine, Platinum Gold Oyster


Remo Coated Ambassador, Powerstroke3 Bass heads, Bass Drum Muffler (Mini)


Suggested Selling Price

3 piece – € 2,599, – 4 piece – € 2,999, –

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