Porter & Davies Systems Now Stocked By One Hundred Backline Companies

Porter and Davies tactile monitoring rigs are now being stocked by more than one hundred backline companies worldwide; a direct result of significant growth in product development and sales and the company’s strengthening market leadership

With more and more requests being made for Porter & Davies systems, the list of companies stocking the company’s units has recently grown to ONE HUNDRED. It contains many of the major backline specialists such as Captured Live (Germany), John Henry’s (UK), Center Staging (Los Angeles) and Sir (USA). Touring musicians and bands now have global access to the company’s monitoring systems with more than forty stockists across Europe, nearly forty across the States, and others in Australia, the Far East, South America and South Africa.

Since its inception in 2010 the company has steadily built a diverse portfolio of high quality products, including the BC2BC2rmBC GigsterTT6 Equipped Throne and the KT Platform. The benefits of these tactile monitoring systems are enjoyed by a wide range of musicians including drummers Omar Hakim (legend), John Tempesta (Modern Drummer poll winner), Tony Royster Jr (Katy Perry, Jay-Z), Ben Thatcher (Royal Blood), bassists Bill Banwell (Rag’n’Bone Man) and Brendan Grieve (Sam Smith) cellist Adrian Oxall (Oysterband) and keyboardist Myles Kellock (Blossoms). Even DJs are exploring the Porter & Davies systems’ many benefits of being able to feel what they play.

2017 was a really successful year for us’ said Dil Davies, Porter & Davies joint founder and Managing Director. ‘The company has grown in all areas; number of customers, variety of systems and uses and global availability of the kits. In 2018, we are looking forward to growing global awareness of our brand and products as well as adding more backline companies to partner with.’

To find out more about Porter & Davies, its products and how to become a stockiest please go to http://www.porteranddavies.co.uk/, or contact trade@porteranddavies.co.uk

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