Quarantined Chinese Drum Students Need Support

A letter from Mr Li, Founder of Nine Beats China

Nine Beats Music Education Company Founder Reacts To The Coronavirus With Call For Video Messages Of Support & Launches Free Daily Online Music Lessons For Quarantined Chinese Students

To our worldwide drumming family,

Over the past 17 years, the Nine Beats brand has grown from one music school to over 1100 learning centers across Mainland China. In the course of our exciting journey, we have trained and employed thousands of music educators, developed a 68-volume course curriculum for rock drums, jazz, drums, snare drum, bass, guitar, and we have also developed an exciting, interactive music education app to inspire and engage students as they learn to play music – but most importantly, we have made a lot of music and a lot of friends along the way. In 2019, Nine Beats founder, I partnered with world-renowned drummer and educator, Thomas Lang, to launch Nine Beats USA so our journey can continue. Headquartered in Oak Park, CA, which is slated to open in 2020 with plans to expand throughout North and South America.

While this is exciting news, we are currently facing an important challenge and our excitement for the future is diminished by the reality of the current situation in China. As a result of the current outbreak of the coronavirus, more than 230,000 Nine Beats students in Mainland China have been stranded in their homes for more than a month.

In response to this need, Nine Beats China has launched daily online teaching via the Nine Beats learning app currently used by students enrolled in teaching centers across Mainland China to access homework, class notes and inspiring educational video content. Via the app, Nine Beats teachers are now hosting 200-300 free, live broadcasts seven days a week to help quarantined students study safely at home while we wait for conditions to improve so they may return to their classrooms to continue doing what they love – learning music along with their friends.

China is now in a very difficult period and we hope that our effort to provide daily live music lessons is part of a solution to easing the boredom and isolation currently being experienced by children and families across China and we hope our drumming family will join us in our effort to encourage, entertain and most importantly, continue on our journey of making music and making friends.

Please join us.

If you have time, we kindly request you to record a short video to encourage the children of China.

1.     Greetings (ex. “Nee-How Nine Beats China Students!”)

2.     Introduce yourself 

3.     Offer encouraging words and tell the children to be patient, do not go outside, and have fun learning music safely at home with your favorite Nine Beats teachers via free, live daily music lessons available in your Nine Beats app.

4.     Send hopes, prayers and blessings for the safety of all the people in China

5.     Say: JO PAI – JA YO! (Nine Beats – Stay Strong!)

We will collect the videos of your messages of encouragement and post them on our Nine Beats’ social media platforms in China so they can see that the world is standing together with them.

After recording the video please upload it to your own social media accounts and tag us on Instagram @9beatschina,Facebook @Ninebeatschina, and YouTube @NINEBEATS or you can email your videos directly toTeam9Beats@9beatsUSA.com #9beatsstrong #beatthevirus

With sincere gratitude,

Mr. Hongyu Li (Mr. Li)

Founder, Nine Beats China Music & Technology Group

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