Rhythm Magazine – Looking Ahead

Rhythm magazine – which was originally published by Dennis and then Future Publishing before it was closed at the start of 2019 – resurfaced with a fresh look and feel in late 2019 under Lifestyle Media House. 

When COVID-19 hit in the spring of 2020, Rhythm was forced to temporarily close, riding out the worst of the storm that hit retail and the high street where most copies were sold. When it then came back in September 2020 and began working on its much-anticipated Neil Peart tribute issue (Nov 2020), the magazine was bought by the start-up Beats Network. A small publishing company, Beats Network has been able to retain celebrated editor Louise King who is the driving force behind the return of the magazine and brand.

Being the only drum and percussion magazine left in print, Rhythm is a unique publication – but more importantly, Rhythm is a great read, loaded with long-form content that is hard to find in today’s digital ‘SnapChat’ age. It’s intended to celebrate drumming not just as a coffee table-style magazine but as a practical guide to improving your drumming, from beginners through to professionals, with a fantastic team of tutors in the Beats Working section.

With three issues now under Beats Network’s ‘belt’, Issue 299 is the latest magazine to come out and features Taylor Hawkins as guest editor. Taylor wanted to talk about his heroes and sources of inspiration, and so this issue is also a showcase of some of the greatest rock/pop drummers playing today, including Roger Taylor, Stewart Copeland, Stephen Perkins, Matt Cameron, Ty Segall and Phil Gould. Plus there are ‘Welcome Back’s with Dean Butterworth and Danny Goffey, a history of Trixon Drums (specially chosen by Taylor) and new gear reviews of Tama, Alesis, Roland, Zildjian and Code Drum Heads – and a great prize giveaway of a Zildjian 23” K Sweet ride and a box of Taylor’s signature sticks.

Rhythm has lots of great issues coming out this year plus plans for events in 2022 and a loaded website and more, fresh YouTube content to engage with – all of which is key to grow the brand and readership.

People can buy a single copy or subscribe. The main subs landing page is Subscribe to Rhythm Magazine (rhythmdrumnetwork.com)

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