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Zildjian FX Raw Crashes Now Available Globally

The Avedis Zildjian Company is pleased to announce the wider release of their exciting FX Raw crashes, available with large or small bell options.

FX Raw Crashes are the most unrefined and funky cymbals Zildjian has ever produced. No two Raw Crashes sound or look alike, which make them the ultimate cymbal to personalize a drummer’s setup.

Raw Crashes are not hammered or lathed, which gives each a highly irregular profile and an unrefined surface. They are also not trimmed into a perfect circle, resulting in odd shapes, sizes, and a naturally coarse edge. Altogether, these variations in profile, shape, size and edge consistency are what create the wildly individual sounds that make these cymbals so special.

Available in Small Bell and Large Bell sizes, the Raw Crashes deliver a controlled and dry crash, ideal for moderate volume situations. Their dry character and well-defined stick sounds also make them a great choice for an alternative ride cymbal. The Small Bell Raw Crash delivers a more controlled sound with fewer  overtones, whereas the Large Bell Raw Crash is more open with a very pronounced bell tone.

These unique FX Raw crashes, previously only available in the USA through the Zildjiancompany’s online Concept Shop, are now available through Zildjian retailers worldwide.

Zildjian Launches New Gongs, Gong Mallets And Accessories

The Avedis Zildjian Company is pleased to announce the release of exciting new gongs, mallets and accessories including two sizes of Wind Gongs, a Gou Gong and a Xiang Jia Gong.

Wind Gongs are traditional Chinese instruments for use in symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, drum corps, meditative and ceremonial settings. Flat in profile with no rim, wind gongs are thin and extremely responsive, producing characteristically shimmering tones across a wide dynamic range. When struck softly, the wind gong resonates with a low drone, and can crescendo to deliver sounds that are sharp, explosive, bright and splashy.

The new Zildjian Wind Gongs are available in 40-inch and 24-inch sizes. The 40-inch Wind Gong has a low pitch and the potential for power and projection, the 24-inch Wind Gong offers a high fundamental pitch and an intimate sound. Both sizes are available in two versions, the first featuring a black Zildjian logo on the front and back of the gong, the second features a small Zildjian logo etched into the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back. Both models come with a black hanging rope.

The new 17-inch Zildjian Gou Gong (sometimes called a Hmong Shaman gong) has a rich history and tradition of healing, being used as a medicinal tool. This instrument is heavy and thick with a turned edge, and produces warm tones that are clear and linear, with less spread and overtones than traditional chao or wind gongs. Gou Gongs produce a higher fundamental pitch with shorter sustain, which can be stretched into longer sustained notes through repeated strokes. Their lower-volume sounds make them best suited for use in smaller ensembles and more intimate performance spaces. The Zildjian Gou Gong features a small Zildjian logo etched into the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back of the gong, with a black hanging rope.

Finally, the new 20-inch Zildjian Xiang Jia Gong stands out first in design. Featuring unlathed bronze giving this gong a beautiful, natural look, with a subtle geometric pattern across its playing surface. Its raw finish coupled with deeper rims help result in rich, enveloping tones, suitable for orchestra, chamber music and meditative settings. Its sonic characteristics do not lend it to thunderous effects like other gongs, but rather warmer tones that resonate with arresting presence. Xiang Jia gongs can produce a deep sound, as well as clearer, higher-pitched tones, depending on the mallet size used. This Xiang Jia Gong features a small Zildjian logo etched into the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back of the gong, with a black hanging rope.

We are excited to expand our Zildjian gongs portfolio to include these beautiful instruments,” says Pamela Ricci, Zildjian’s Brand Manager for Apparel, Merchandise & Accessories. “These new gongs will provide our band and orchestral players with a range of dynamic new sounds to explore and fuel their creativity. In addition to the new gongs, we have also developed a premium gong stand and new gong mallets to further meet the needs of this consumer.”

On the accessory front, the new Zildjian Heavy Duty Gong Stand is a sturdy, high-quality metal stand with heavy-duty rolling casters. This highly functional stand includes hooks on both sides to hang mallets, rotating caster wheels with locks, and a smooth black coated finish. Constructed from rectangular tube steel, this stand is surprisingly lightweight and easy to move, and fits gongs up to 40in in diameter.

The company is also introducing a selection of new Zildjian Gong Mallets.

The Zildjian General Gong Mallet is yarn-wrapped in a large diamond shape and is most suited for playing gongs in a range of 20” to 40” sizes. With a length of 17.5 inches, a head diameter of 3.8 inches and handle made of US select hickory, it is an all-around balanced mallet for gong playing. General strokes will easily pull more volume out of smaller gongs and allows for great control and nuance when playing larger sizes. This mallet comes with lanyard strap for hanging on a gong stand.

The Zildjian Gong Rollers are designed for sustaining long notes on a gong, whether quieter, low- pitched drones that rumble beneath the orchestra or ensemble, or crescendos that build to sharp, explosive accents. Rollers are yarn-wrapped in a large diamond shape and come in lighter maple for easy movement around the face of the gong. Shorten your stroke with a single mallet, or quickly warm up the instrument with two. Sold in pairs. Mallet length is 14 1⁄4 inches with a head diameter of 3 inches

The Zildjian Wind Gong Mallet is an ideal mallet choice for lighter playing when the music calls for a more delicate sound. A thinner diameter than the General gong mallet, this mallet can create splashes on smaller size gongs, and thinner, more articulate sounds on larger sizes or gongs with deeper profiles. Wind Gong mallets are yarn-wrapped, with a handle made from U.S. select hickory for excellent balance. Length is 15 1⁄4 inches with a head diameter of 2 inches.

Zildjian Introduce New Joggers, Limited Edition Sherpa Hoodie And Limited Edition Quilted Cap Into Their Apparel Collection

The Avedis Zildjian Company has added three exciting new styles into its iconic line of apparel loved by drummers and consumers worldwide.

Coming as a much-loved re-introduction from the past are the newly styled Zildjian Joggers. Comfortable and great for drumming, these premium tri-blend fleece joggers feature slit pockets on both sides, plus a rear right-side pocket. These heathered charcoal-colored joggers include a Zildjian logo near the front left pocket and a Z logo beneath the right knee, as well as a woven Zildjian label on the back pocket. Importantly, ribbed bottom cuffs prevent the bass drum beater from getting caught in the pant legs. A cozy option for practice or lounging. Available in unisex sizing from XS to 3XL.

Next up is the new Limited Edition Sherpa Hoodie. Ultra-soft and plush, this exclusive 2021 style is a cold weather go-to. The gold Sherpa body is finished with black banding and drawstrings, and a woven Zildjian patch on the left chest. This trendy, cozy sweatshirt makes a great gift for the style adventurous drummer and Zildjian fan. Available in unisex sizes S to 3XL

The Limited Edition Quilted 5 Panel Camp Hat completes the lineup. Made from quilted nylon for extra warmth and unique style, this hat features a black body with a white front panel, gold vent stitching, and a black nylon strap with a plastic buckle. Branded details include a round rubber patch on the front and a woven Zildjian tag on the back strap. This modern play on a cold weather hat is ideal for the fashion-forward drummer.

These new products build on the foundation we have laid over the past year to update and expand our apparel portfolio”, says Pamela Ricci, Zildjian’s Brand Manager for Apparel, Merchandise & Accessories. “Joggers are a favorite among drummers due to their closed ankles and range of motion, so this was a natural addition to the Zildjian apparel line. Our 2021 limited-edition Sherpa hoodie and quilted camp hat offer bold designs that will appeal to younger players as well as those who are looking for unique pieces to add to their wardrobe. Since apparel items make great gifts, we are excited to have these new products available in time for the holiday shopping season.”

Wherever you are on your musical journey, you can find the style that’s always you with Zildjian apparel and lifestyle products.

For more information visit: www.zildjian.com/apparel

Zildjian Launches New Drinkware Collection In Partnership With Klean Kanteen

The Avedis Zildjian Company is pleased to announce the addition of a new drinkware collection to their portfolio of branded merchandise. This collection is a partnership between Zildjian and Klean Kanteen, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable, reusable stainless steel drinkware solutions.

We are excited to partner with Klean Kanteen, a company that has pioneered innovation in reusable, eco-friendly drinkware, to bring this collection to life.” says Pamela Ricci, Zildjian Brand Manager for Apparel, Merchandise and Accessories, “With a lineup that features unique Zildjian designs combined with user-friendly features, we feel these products will be drummer favorites for years to come.”

Featuring four new items, the Zildjian Klean Kanteen 32oz Water Bottle, the Zildjian Klean Kanteen 20oz Tumbler, the Zildjian Klean Kanteen 16oz Pint and the Zildjian Klean Kanteen 32oz Growler. All feature a matte black finish with an allover black varnish print, gold Zildjian logo and design features that will keep any drummer hydrated wherever they go.

The Zildjian Klean Kanteen 32oz Water Bottle provides great versatility and portability. This heavy- duty wide-mouthed bottle features Klean Kanteen’s TK ClosureTM internal thread design with a rounded lip for comfortable drinking and easy cleaning. The Twist Cap is leakproof with a built-in reusable steel straw and metal carry handle. Insulated stainless steel construction provides exceptional temperature control, keeping beverages cold for up to 75 hours iced.

The Zildjian Klean Kanteen 20oz Tumbler is premium, durable, and portable. Keeping beverages hot for up to 6 hours and cool for up to 24 hours iced, this tumbler is perfect for coffee or tea on the go. The included tumbler lid provides easy splash-proof sipping, and the tapered shape is cupholder friendly.

The Zildjian Klean Kanteen 16oz Pint offers a modern take on a classic pint glass. Lightweight and durable, this pint is perfect to bring to parties, on the road, or just to use at home.

Completing the lineup is the Zildjian Klean Kanteen 32oz Growler, an ideal storage option for keeping beverages cold and fresh on the go. With Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation, this growler keeps drinks hot for 30 hours and iced for 90 hours. The durable, chip-resistant matte black powder coat finish also has an allover black varnish design with a gold Zildjian logo. Perfect for keeping carbonated beverages fresh, crisp, and cold, wherever you go.

“As a Klean Kanteen employee and a professional drummer for over 25 years who plays Zildjian cymbals exclusively, I am stoked to be part of this partnership of two of my most favorite manufacturers of products that I stand by 100% and support their environmental efforts wholeheartedly.” says Jose Lopez, Quality Technician at Klean Kanteen. “We are passionate music fans here at Klean Kanteen and are proud to partner with a music pioneer like Zildjian. We hope drummers across the globe stay hydrated and help eliminate single-use waste.”

The release of Zildjian drinkware is part of a broader new merchandise product launch this fall which includes stickers and holiday items. See and learn more at: https://zildjian.com/merch/apparel- lifestyle/lifestyle-gifts.html

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