Meinl Benny Greb 16” HiHats

Master drummer Benny Greb has been at it again. Not content with his initial 14” Sand Hats, his taste has now extended to creating a 16” version as well.

The cymbals are made from B20 alloy. They have narrow lathing on all but the playing side of the top cymbal – which is unlathed – a medium thin weight (the top is notably lighter than the bottom) and they produce a short sustain at a low to medium volume. 

The top of each cymbal has been sandblasted and as you’ll see from the video, the underside is a more ‘normal’ finish. This gives – as intended – a more vintage feel to them.  

They have the same dense crispy sound to them that the original version has, and play in a similar manner too, but also have the bigger characteristics of a 16” hihat. 

These are really nice hihats and definitely follow on from the 14” version from what I recall of them. The size may not be for everyone as 16” is still fairly niche, but having said that, if you liked the 14”s you’ll probably love these too. Just don’t look at the price unless you’re sitting down…

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David Bateman 

January 2019

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