Zildjian A Customs

The Zildjian A Custom line is 25 years old this year so we thought we would take a look at a selection of them.

The A Customs were originally created to have a contemporary feel to them and designed to have neither an overly bright nor dark sound.

The review cymbals in the video are a pair of 14” Mastersound hi hats, 18” EFX, 18” crash, 22” ride and a 20” crash, all in Zildjian’s brilliant finish. However, the line as a whole provides a full compliment of cymbals including numerous rides, hihats, crashes and special effects models in a variety of sizes.

It’s fair to say at this point that the A Custom family is now a classic line which gives a fast, clear sound with plenty of volume. The line’s consistent clean and distinct tones are something that can be applied to a variety of musical styles and genres. The cymbals are aren’t too heavy in weight and play very comfortably and easily across the board.

All in all, if you want cymbals which provide crisp clean tones without prolonged sustain, these may be worth looking into.

For more on the A Custom line, check out – https://zildjian.com/a-family/a-custom#

David Bateman

September 2017

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