Remo presents “DRUMMERNIGHT”

In association with the major drum and cymbal companies, Remo will once again present DrummerNight, in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. It will be held at Manchester Central on the 23rd September 2017 as part of The UK Drum Show. Diplomats of the Drumming world will gather to celebrate the many millions of hits that

Comparing Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals Against ‘Regular’ Cymbals

Zildjian’s Low Volume L80 cymbals are designed to produce a significantly lower amount of volume. They can be used for practice or quieter gigging applications. The cymbals in this instance are 14” hi hats, a 16” crash and an 18” crash/ride. The ‘regular’ cymbals are Zildjian K models. They have deep, darker tones and are

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Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals

For when volume isn’t necessarily everything… Volume has always been the drummer’s enemy. From live gigs to practice at home, someone is always likely to want to complain about noise. However, there are now lots of different alternatives available for keeping the noise down, certainly in terms of drums; mesh heads, practice pads, electronic drum

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Zildjian K Sweet