Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals

For when volume isn’t necessarily everything… Volume has always been the drummer’s enemy. From live gigs to practice at home, someone is always likely to want to complain about noise. However, there are now lots of different alternatives available for keeping the noise down, certainly in terms of drums; mesh heads, practice pads, electronic drum

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New Zildjian Rides

The ride cymbal can be an enigma, albeit a nice one. That’s why the world needs choices. And, the more the merrier in my book. The search for the ‘perfect’ ride cymbal can be ongoing for many and an absolute for others. For me, out of the several dozen or so rides I own, I

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New Zildjian Effects Cymbals

This year, Zildjian has introduced some new effects cymbals to its existing range. Whilst not entirely new in concept, i.e. bells and stackable models, these new introductions are still quite interesting to try out and use. Spiral Stackers These are available in 10 and 12” sizes. Basically, you take the Stacker and place it over

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Zildjian K Sweet