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Pearl StaveCraft Snare Drums

Pearl StaveCraft Snare Drums ‘Producing sharp sonic focus and full-bodied volume for the heavy drummer, StaveCraft snares are a startling addition to any pro player's soundscape. Each 25mm thick shell starts from two layers of meticulously beveled solid Thai Oak wood staves. Using a principal exclusive to these snare drums, an added stave of exotic

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Pearl Duoluxe Snare Drums

Pearl Duoluxe Snare Drums ‘With the look and rigidity of our trademark dual inverted shell beads, Pearl takes the chrome-over-brass alloy shell of our classic Jupiter snare and inlays it with two finish bands of Nicotine White Marine Pearl. This gives the shell a singular look and adds tonal control to its unbridled sound.’ Basically,

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Pearl president series deluxe drum kit

This is one of the easier reviews I’ve done because I own these drums. Actually, I own two sets of these drums. I shall explain why.   The President series are a reintroduction of Pearl’s 1961 drums ‘culled from the very origins of The World's Largest Drum Company, President Deluxe Series revives the warm subtlety

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Pearl lightweight stands

  Pearl lightweight stands Ok, so I am a fan of the lightweight hardware thing and I currently own representatives from three different manufacturers’ offerings in that area.    As I entered my mid-forties - now some time ago - I found the lower weight in my hardware bag much more appealing, with the flat-based

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British Drum company purple heart snare drum

  British Drum Company 13x7” Super 7 Purpleheart Snare Drum   A new snare drum from the British Drum Company.   13x7 has always been one of my personal favourite sizes for snare drums. Many years ago I found that this particular sizing gives you a good solid crack and yet still maintains depth and

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Sabian Anthology Cymbals

Sabian Anthology Cymbals - I love cymbals like this. There’s something about a well thought out, well made cymbal that makes you - or should make you - think differently when you play. That’s always how it’s been for me. The Anthology line was created as part of Sabian’s 40th anniversary celebrations in collaboration with Jojo Mayer. 

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Bristol Drum Company Snare

Those outside of the UK may not have heard of the Bristol Drum Company, so to give you a little background, the city of Bristol is in the south west of England about 120 miles from London. James May and Ben Collins (The Stig) from Top Gear were born there and they tend to talk

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Gewa G5 studio 5

Gewa G5 Studio 5 In mid-2017, I was in Germany at Gewa HQ and on the last day there, just before we were going to leave, we were shown a small black box which turned out to be an electronic drum module. At the time, I remember thinking it looking interesting, although I didn’t get

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Gretsch Ash Soan Signature Snare Drum

Gretsch Ash Soan Signature Snare Drum If you’ve not heard of Ash Soan at this point, you’re probably best off just staying under that rock you’ve been living under. There are many things about Ash that you could talk about - his playing, his feel, Instagram, his studio - but the thing I’ve always been

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