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Pearl Sensitone Heritage Snare Drums

Pearl Sensitone Heritage Snare Drums   Well over a dozen years ago, I reviewed a bunch of Pearl’s Sensitone snare drums. I don’t remember which ones they were now, but I remember doing it and that I liked those drums and the overall concept of the Sensitone line, and while I never bought one it

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Paiste Masters Thin Cymbals

Paiste Masters Thin Cymbals These are, in short, really nice cymbals. I thought I’d just get that out of the way first. Paiste’s Masters Thin cymbals are, as the name suggests, thin models but in [largely] bigger sizes, and that thin aspect is very apparent when you play them; even in the hihats. These cymbals tell

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Vic Firth Rute-X

Vic Firth Rute-X ‘The feel and response of a drumstick with the volume control and alternative sounds of a rod product.’ I think if I could just leave the review at that sentiment from the Vic Firth website, I would. It pretty much says what you need to know really. I hate to think how

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Gretsch 14×4.25” Gergo Borlai Signature Snare Drum

One of the several new products from Gretsch for 2021 - which seems strange to say in October 2021 - was the Gergo Borlai signature snare drum. The drum has a 14x4.25” 1.2mm sand blasted brass shell with 45’ bearing edges, eight small double-sided lugs, 40-strand snare wires and 4mm die cast hoops. You also get a Lightning

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Gruv-X Mundo

I’m sat here with what seems to be a riot shield in my hand. In all seriousness, obviously I know what it’s for and the type of thing you’d play on it. But, as someone who doesn’t really play percussion beyond a tambourine, it seems huge compared to the X-Click that I recently looked at

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Skygel Pads

I’ve reviewed a fair amount of drum dampening products over the years. But, now I come to think of it, I don’t think I ever had much call for this sort of thing until more recently and I’m wondering whether that’s because I was better at tuning before - unlikely - or that I just

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There’s an obvious reason for the name of this little practice pad. The base of the Pucpad is made of hard rubber and is 76mm (wide) x 25mm (deep) in size. On top of that is a 65mm x 15mm playing surface made of soft foam.  As you can see, there’s a piece of string

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Meinl Accessories

Meinl Accessories So in this final instalment of gear from Meinl, we’ll be looking at some accessories. Bass Drum Microphone Clamp I’ve never tried a kick drum mic attachment like this. I’ve created something myself that was similar in principle - i.e. drum mounted instead of using a separate stand - but it didn’t last

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Meinl Cymbal Selection Part 2

Ok, so picking up from last time, this little selection mainly features models that were new for 2021, plus the Chris Coleman ‘C2’ ride that came out last year. 22” Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash I found this to almost be a cross between a china, a crash and a gong. Bit of a

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Meinl Customs Classic Dark 2021 Selection

The Customs Classic Dark series has been around for a little while now and yet until a few weeks ago I’d never had a chance to play any of them.  This B10 bronze line has a fairly unique look to it, as you’ll have seen. It’s not exactly a raw finish which has been lathed,

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