Hudson Music releases ‘Trap Style Drumming for the Acoustic & Hybrid Drumset’ Book

The first ever instructional book on how to play Trap style beats – Trap Style Drumming for the Acoustic and Hybrid Drumset – written by Greg “Torch” Sgrulloni. This book dissects and explains the elements found in Trap grooves and provides exercises for application on the drum set. The culmination of four years of research, trial and error, and experimentation into the most concise and comprehensive learning tool for Trap style drumming currently available.

This book covers the rhythms, beat construction, tips on articulation, tools and techniques on how to execute Trap beats with the right vibe, flow, and sound. The main goal is to teach improvisation and “on the fly” Trap style beat making on the drums, and to help drummers find their own sound within the style. No two drummers will use this book the same way!

In our quest to bring attention to many different drumming styles, we are very happy to present this fine work by Torch that is sure to expand drummers’ vocabulary,” says Rob Wallis, Founder of Hudson Music.

Available in both print and digital editions, the book also includes over 100 video examples, covering many of the beats and exercises in the book.

What is Trap Music?

Trap music’s cultural origins come primarily out of Atlanta, GA as well as the music scenes of Houston, TX, and Memphis, TN and is considered a sub-genre of southern hip-hop, also known as “Dirty South.” The sound of Trap is meant to be a reflection of the dark and grim lifestyle of hood life, referring to a “trapped” life that is hard to escape. Trap music is known for its characteristic bouncy feel, which is typically in half-time and can range widely in tempo from between 95BPM and 190BPM. Some of the musical elements in Trap feature crisp and grimy sounding rhythmic snares and claps, melodically pitched “dive-bombing” drum fills, deep and boomy sub-808 kick drums, and “twitchy” clusters of double- and triple-timed hi-hats which are also referred to sometimes as “dancing hi-hats.”

Title: Trap Style Drumming for the Acoustic & Hybrid Drumset

Author: Gregory Sgrulloni

Hudson#: HDBK044

UPC#: 663546644925

Hal Leonard#: HL281632

ISBN#: 9781540033345

Price: $19.99 (print) / $12.99 (digital)

Pages: 96

Media Included: Over 100 video lessons

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