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Rhythmic Imagination – Ramon Montagner

Rhythmic Imagination: Brazilian Rhythms Coordination Studies, by Ramon Montagner, seeks to help students develop the aptitude for the execution of rhythms, and ascend some steps further in the sense of rhythmic independence.

The method is based on his extensive use and experimentation of his own material with students for over a decade, inspired by the systems used by Gary Chester, Alan Dawson, and John Ramsay, as well as Marvin Dahlgren, Elliot Fine, and Norman Grossman. With these ideas in mind, Ramon created systems and rhythmic interpretation when reading two or three-voice reading, and combined them with the concept of harmonic coordination. This new system exposes drum students new concepts beyond standard coordination practice.

eBook with Audio | $14.99

The Paradiddle Book – Maksym Deomin

The Paradiddle Book, Volume 1, by Maksym Deomin, is a hybrid eBook product. The eBook contains video lessons, interactive practice videos, and more than 5000 exercises, is a combination of accents and 16th notes. Non-accented notes can also be used as the accented notes, which will give you twice as many combinations and exercises.

eBook with Video | $14.99

West African Drumming: Book 1 – Mokhtar Samba

West African Drumming: Book 1, by Mokhtar Samba, is an exploration of the essence of West African Rhythms. Featuring in-depth looks at Clave Sabar, Clave Tibois, and “Lazy Triplets” (a term invented by Mokhtar), as well as exercises for each to develop your feel for these traditional patters.

Also included are five play-along tracks that cover each of these approaches. Each play-along includes audio with, and without drums, so you can listen, learn, and try your own grooves.

eBook | 48 Pages | 12 Audio Tracks + Play-Alongs | $14.99

Mastering the Tables of Time – David Stanoch

By popular demand, and in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of winning Best Educational Book in the 2009 Modern Drummer Readers Poll, Mastering the Tables of Time is now available from Hudson Music for the first time as a digital download eBook!

This groundbreaking method book, by David Stanoch, inspired by the genius of Tony Williams and Joe Morello, among other masters, presents a complete methodology for applying the studies of rudiments, accents & dynamic control, jazz & backbeat-based rhythms, polyrhythms, metric modulations and soloing vocabulary to the framework of the table of time (aka “pyramid,” “ladder,” or “rhythm scale”) to improve your groove, phrasing, and time awareness.

eBook | 155 Pages | 43 Video Lessons + Audio | $15.99

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