Summer NAMM 2018 – Yamaha Crosstown Lightweight Hardware Press Release

June 28, 2018 —Yamaha Music Europe GmbH (UK) are pleased to announced its Crosstown series of Advanced Lightweight Hardware, presenting drummers with the next generation of portable and sturdy cymbal, snare and hi-hat stands.

The HW3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack includes two CS3 cymbal stands, one SS3 snare stand and one HHS3 hi-hat stand. The hardware pack comes complete with a carrying case that was designed to fit all pieces along with additional hardware like drum stool, tom holders and bass drum pedals. Each component in the hardware pack is also sold separately.

This modern-style hardware is made out of aluminium, offering a sturdy yet lightweight design for portability. The tubing is of a 22 diameter design so that it can easily be combined with Yamaha System Hardware for maximum set up configurations.

We know that transporting around the drum set is an issue for Drummers of today and people compromising their set up to make life easier” explained Gavin Thomas, Yamaha Drums – UK Product Manager. “Well now there is a simple and better solution with the introduction of Yamaha’s Advanced Lightweight Hardware series. With a unique and modern design that reduces the weight of hardware by 1/3rdwith performance, quality, durability and compatibility drummer’s demand. The designers have done a great job in being able to deliver what our customers have been asking for”

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