Zildjian Artists Session, London 2019

Last week Zildjian invited a few members of their Zildjian GBI family to a little meet up in London for an Artist Session.

Players such as Mikey Sorbello, Richard Brook, Darby Todd, Kev Whitehead, Steve White, Andy Gangadeen, Kaz Rodriguez, Simon Hanson, Bob Knight, Ash Soan, Colin Woolway, Cherisse Osei, Emily Dolan Davies, Steve Barney, Andrew Small and many, many more joined Bob Wiczling, Tina Clarke, Sarah Hagen, Paul Francis and Connor DiLeo from Zildjian for a relaxed afternoon of catching up.

Paul, director of R+D at Zildjian also bought over
a selection of prototypes straight from the USA factory which everyone had great fun trying out. ⁣Feedback from the artists at Artists Sessions like this is very important in helping decide which of the models goes forward for production, and the artists get to try some unique cymbals.

Needless to say, a great time was had by all.

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