Mixed Reviews – August 16

Balbex Drumsticks Announcing themselves as a quality European drum stick manufacturer since 1997, I’m not entirely sure how I have never seen or heard of Balbex before; perhaps because the market is dominated by one


We’ve all been there at a gig when we’ve forgotten our carpet and the bass drum starts to run away. I think many of us will have also been playing on a carpet and had

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Polynome App for iOS

The Polynome is a metronome app designed and built by UK based drummer Joe Crabtree, who’s currently playing with Wishbone Ash, as well as a respected teacher. When you think about what a standard physical

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Meinl Mixed Percussion

As you may have noted from my last percussion-based review, I’m no percussionist. Or, at least, I’m an uninspired percussionist anyway. That aside though, I did have some fun with these new, and not so

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PDP New Yorker Kit

Small and portable kits have been gaining popularity for some years now and a lot of companies now offer them in one form or another. I also seem to have played quite a few of

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