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DW Purpleheart Drum Kit

I remember a time when life was simpler; Drum Workshop really only had one line of drums and they were made from maple. How things have changed.  Without delving into the archives, I think I’ve

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Vic Firth VicBeaters

Felt Vic Firth’s VicBeaters have been out for a little while now Felt and Wood These are basically the same design and dimensions, but two different materials. They have two playing surfaces -

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UV1 Drum Heads

Evans’ UV1 heads may be something you’ve read about. They’re coated heads, similar to some of the other coated heads the company offers, but they’re manufactured/finished in a different way. The level 360 collar technology

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Sonor SQ1 Drum Kit

Around 2009 I reviewed Sonor’s SQ2 kit. I liked those drums. They were my first time playing a high end Sonor kit and a bit of an expectation going forward was set. That line of

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Tama SLP Fat Spruce

Tama’s SLP line has been a round for a while now but it seems to always keep getting bigger. One of the latest additions is the Fat Spruce snare came out not too long ago. 

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Gibraltar Hardware

There’s been a resurgence in the last few years involving lightweight, flat-based stands. Gibraltar’s take on this has included both straight and boom cymbal stands, a snare stand (which wasn’t available for the video) and

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