As it is the time of year to come up with some New Years resolutions, can I offer some electronic drum related suggestions?

  1. I’m going to learn how all my gear actually works – I’m going to look at the manual and actually work through it so I can learn all the stuff that I wasn’t aware of. As well as improve my chances of work, it will also mean I can offer opinions based of experience rather than “I read that…”

  2. I’m going to actually work out what I want. Do I want an electronic kit which sounds realistic and like an acoustic kit? Do I want something more weird and experimental? Only I know.

  3. If I decide I want an acoustic sounding electronic kit, I’m going to actually listen to it and make it be able to replace an acoustic kit in an acoustic recording to the best of my ability. After all, if I cant play my electronic kit with some acoustic guitars without it leaping out of the speakers shouting “I’m an electronic kit!” then its time to look for another electronic kit surely?

  4. If anyone criticises any aspect of my drum sound, I am not going to instantly blame the gear, and I’ll try and improve my drum sound, assuming the suggestion was warranted in the first place.

  5. If I ask for advice online, I’m going to accept that many people who offer gear suggestions are only doing so because they are insecure about their choice of gear and want to justify their choices to themselves…

  6. If I offer gear advice online, I’ll make sure I’m not doing to just because I feel insecure about the gear I have and want to justify it to myself…

  7. I’m going to realise that if I ask ‘what kick pedal should I use?’ (for instance) 95% of the suggestions are pointless because all they will do is tell me what pedal other people are using, not will actually suite me, feel good to me, or sound good to me

  8. I’m going to realise when someone (or a company) is trying to sell me something, rather than genuinely offer advice, help, or pretty pictures

  9. I wont believe the first thing I read on line, I will do my own research, and I will form my own opinions

  10. I will buy lots of lovely electronic gear in 2021

  11. I will continue to read Seriously Wired every month

Happy new Year!

Simon Edgoose

January 2021

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