Nigel Glockler

Nigel Glockler Nigel Glockler earnt his first taste of success with singer Toyah Willcox in the early 80’s. However, he was soon to reach new heights standing in for one Pete Gill who had suffered an injury to his hand. This gave Nigel the drum stool in one of the biggest and most

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Bob Henrit

Bob Henritt It’s fascinating how some musical partnerships survive the years. Bob Henrit first hooked up with guitarist/songwriter Russ Ballard in the early 1960s as part of The Roulettes, perhaps best known as the backing group for Adam Faith, and in March 2007 they renewed their musical liaison with Ballard’s German tour. As

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Simon Kirke

Simon Kirke If anybody were to ask me what records I would have liked to have played on - right up at the top would be Free’s ‘Alright now’. Simon Kirke and I have often bumped into each other by accident at various watering-holes but this time we were meeting by design. Simon

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Pete Best

Pete Best Pete Best published a book in 1996 and Bob Henrit went along to talk to him at the time about it and various other Beatles-related subjects. This was just after the time the ‘Anthology’ material was released which brought further riches to all five Beatles. It should therefore be read with

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Dolphin Taylor

After we interviewed Stiff Little Fingers drummer Steve Grantley a while back we asked him if there were any British Drum Icons that he felt had been overlooked. There were many including, Mickey Tucker from Sweet, Ian Dury’s drummer Charles Charles and Neil Conti from Prefab Sprout but he also listed his predecessor in SLF

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Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson and I were supposed to get together at Drummer Live but in the event, the racket there wasn’t conducive to recording an interview and he came around to my place for a couple of gallons of coffee and a good chat. By the time the coffee kicked in we were both losing our

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Eric Delaney

Classic Eric Delaney I arranged to meet Eric Delaney at Tom’s Drums in Denmark Street and believe it or not the great man was early while I turned up fashionably late. In the fifties it was Eric who turned me and arguably every other drummer of my generation on to the possibilities of

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Geoff Dunn

Geoff Dunn I have been aware of Geoff’s name for 25 years now but we had never met. The first drum clinic I ever went to in London was 25 years ago to see Gerry Brown (the USA drummer not the UK one) and there was this young lad supporting him called Geoff

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Warren Cann

Warren Cann He's the drummer behind one of the most recognisable beats in music history. He’s also one of the pioneers of electronic drums, a visionary who saw the potential behind the odd-looking boxes of tricks and explored further, always pushing the boundaries. Yet Warren Cann appears to have been overlooked for his

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Steve White

Steve White Steve White – looking ahead and moving forward Steve White is one of the most respected drummers in the U.K. and is renowned worldwide for having held the position of drummer for Paul Weller for over 25 years until; they parted ways in 2007. Repeatedly featured in drum polls, festivals and

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