From The Archive – Bobby Graham

Bobby Graham His was the drumbeat behind two of the most famous rock riffs of all time. Bobby Graham was there at the dawn of Britpop, playing drums on The Kinks'' breakthrough singles, ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘All Day And All Of The Night’. And it speaks volumes that Ray Davies, lyrical and

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Up Close & Personal – Matt Helders

Mike sits down with Matt Helders to catch up on whats been happening since the Sheffield born drummer moved to Los Angeles. They catch up on Matt's Post Pop Depression project and of course, Arctic Monkeys. Plus Mike asks Matt for his feelings about five iconic drummers. Keep checking the site for more Up Close

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Brian Bennett

Where do you start with Brian Bennett, a drummer of distinction whose like we’ll probably never see again? He occupies a place in British music history similar to the regard Buddy Rich is held in America – he was an innovator who led the line for others to follow. Bennett the benchmark. And witness his effortless

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Gilson Lavis

If you want proof that musical guardian angels exist, then look no further than Gilson Lavis. It's not his fear that he's living on borrowed time and any day could get a tap on the shoulder and replaced by a 'real' drummer. Far from it, his skill and ability behind the kit never in doubt

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Ian Paice

Ian Paice Ian Paice needs no introduction. He is the powerhouse that has for 40 years propelled Deep Purple with a deep sense of groove, power, swing and swagger. He remains the only man to have played in all the line ups since the bands inception. He spawned a whole generation of rock

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Geoff Dugmore

Geoff Dugmore - Photo Dave Hughes Geoff Dugmore is the most amiable drummer I know, but through no fault of his own, he’s not easy to tie down. The problem is he’s always working with the likes of Robbie Williams, Mark King, Killing Joke, Gabrielle, David Knopfler, Jimmy Nail, Debbie Harry, Brian May,

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Ginger Baker

Classic, dapper Ginger Baker Ginger Baker was recently honoured with the ‘Zildjian Drummers Achievement Award’ at a special gig at Shepherds Bush Empire on December the 7th 2008 and I went along to talk to him at a press launch a few weeks before the event. I figured all the other magazines would

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Steve Ferrone

Steve Ferrone Steve''s tasteful musicality and powerful groove has made him one of the most popular drummers in music today. Steve first came to international prominence while playing with the Average White Band during the 1970s. I have been a fan of Steve’s drumming for many years and not just because we both

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Gary Husband

Gary Husband - photo Naoju Gary Husband...driving talent to the max What have John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Jack Bruce, Robin Trower, Mike Stern and drummers Billy Cobham and Danny Gottlieb got in common? They have all collaborated live or in the studio with Gary Husband. Some may look enviously at the prospect of

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Nick Mason

Nick Mason You’ll be surprised to know it’s not every day I go to meet anybody who owns a £30,000,000 Ferrari 250 GTO and 40 other ‘serious’ cars, but most people may well be surprised to know he’s a drummer! [The internet can’t make its mind up on this car’s value but it’s

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