Don Powell

Interview with Don Powell - Slade by Steve Grantley We had been thinking of including Slade drummer Don Powell in our Great British Drum Heroes section for some time. As Steve Grantley, drummer with Stiff Little Fingers and The Alarm, co-wrote a book titled Cum On Feel The Noize – The Story Of Slade for

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Bill Bruford

We recently caught up with Bill Bruford and threw a few interesting questions his way. What resulted was a facinating look into the mind of a British Drumming legend! What''s the job of a drummer in a band? Well it depends on the band and what it wants to do. At the basic level its

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Nicko McBrain

The Mighty Nicko McBrain Early in 1981, a youthful and acned Mike Ellis arrived at a north Wales venue to be greeted by a monstrous Sonor kit already set up on stage and realised his diminutive Ludwig 4 piece Super Classic was going to be convincingly dwarfed during the opening set. After setting

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Brian Downey

Brian Downey, London, March 2007 There’s little doubt that Thin Lizzy had an enormous impact on the world during the 1970’s and 1980’s and few rock aficionados could have failed to have been impressed with the drumming therein courtesy of Dublin drum legend, Brian Downey. The day after storms tore across England in

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Rat Scabies

Rat Scabies Rat Scabies is an enigma who I first bumped into 32 years ago in Henrit’s Drumstore at a time when he and his punk mates were aggressively and enthusiastically changing the world of music. Some of this change was long overdue - like the ridiculous practices of paying to play at

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John Coghlan

John Coghlan is best known for his work with Status Quo but apart from a self imposed drum free period, he''s been playing constantly since leaving the band. Bob Henrit went and had a chat with John about life, shuffles and getting back together with the original lineup. Where did you grow up JC? I

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Kenney Jones

Kenney Jones Kenney Jones - 40 years of Rock'n’Roll Ringo, Charlie, Keith, Mitch, Ginger… and Kenney. When the Small Faces charted in March 1965 with ‘What ‘cha Gonna Do About It’, little did we know the little giant soulsters from East London would deliver some of the most exciting hits and inspired performances

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Jon Hiseman

Jon Hiseman. Photo James Cumpsty I went over to Jon Hiseman’s place to interview him a few weeks after he’d returned from a lengthy German concert tour and a couple of months after his biography, “Playing The Band” had been published. To begin at the beginning, I picked up from your biography that

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Clive Bunker

Clive Bunker I met Clive at the services at South Mimms where the A1 and the M25 converge rather than going into London. The capital, having once been the place we couldn’t wait to get to at any time day or night, now doesn’t hold quite so many thrills for either of us.

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Topper Headon

Topper Headon, legendary drummer with the enormously influential and most iconic punk rock band of all time The Clash, bounded up to me looking slim, fit, tanned, healthy and happy. Topper’s battles with drink and hard drugs have been well documented and when Orion publish his autobiography in a few years time I’m sure he’ll

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