Snare Drum Of The Month – Craviotto 14×5.5” ‘Take Five’ Joe Morello Tribute Snare Drum

If you’re not familiar with Joe Morello, you might want to read up on him.

This special snare drum was created in 2011 as part of a small run of five drums commissioned by Steve Maxwell to both pay tribute to Joe Morello following his passing and raise some funds for his wife.

The drum is a Craviotto hybrid/stacked shell in walnut/maple/walnut with 30 degree edges. It features double ended tube lugs, triple flanged hoops, AK strainer, diamond butt plate and Craviotto wires, and was – as you’ll see – number three of the five drums made. The other drums in the series were –

Drum #1: cherry/maple/cherry shell with 45 degree edge 14×5.5”  

Drum #2: mahogany/maple/mahogany shell with Baseball Bat (rounded) edge 14×6.5”

Drum #4: maple/mahogany shell with 45 degree edge 14×5.5” 

Drum #5: mahogany/maple shell with Baseball Bat (rounded) edge for top, 45 degree edge for bottom 14×7” 

I got this drum in 2011 directly from Steve and while I have gigged it, it spends most of its time in a display case in my front room where I can enjoy it on a daily basis.

David Bateman

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