Snare Drum Of The Month – Q Drum Company, 14×8″ Steel

The Q Drum Company hails from Los Angeles, USA. It’s a company  that has made a bit of a name for itself creating drums which are both visually and constructively a little different.

This drum has a heavy 14×8, 3mm steel shell which is made from a plate that is riveted together. It’s got a raw finish – which you can see is starting to patina/have a rusty tinge to it – 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Trick GS007 strainer, 20 strand wires and Remo heads. The snare beds aren’t overly wide or deep and the bearing edges are straight with no flange.

I’ve been getting into thicker metal shelled drums recently and this drum is spot on in that respect. Sound-wise, it’s possibly where you’d think it might be – a fat low, a full medium and a crispy ring high. It is nice and easy to tune, very solid to play and, unsurprisingly, rather loud too.

David Bateman

May 2019

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