Snare Drum of the Month, Episode 10 – Tama 14×5.5″ Starclassic Birch

This month’s snare drum isn’t just as much about what the drum is but also who it was originally made for.

Gary Husband, for those who aren’t aware, is a noted British drummer (and pianist as well). Whilst he’s mainly known for playing another company’s drums, for a short time about twenty years ago Gary played Tama. This snare drum was [apparently] made especially for him along with the kit he used during that period.

Now, first off, all of the other Starclassic snares I personally own are ten lug drums, whereas this one is eight, so that’s a bit different for me. 

Structurally, the shell is in excellent shape. The 14×5.5” shell is birch, has gold hardware, Remo heads, 20 strand wires and die cast hoops. The sound at the medium tension is bright and vibrant, with a nice pure residual ring. 

To say the drum is visually striking is obvious; the bright yellow lacquer – even after nearly twenty years – still looks great. The gold hardware is a little rough in places but I think it gives it some charm. I’ve kept the drum at the aforementioned fairly medium tension because I liked it there and the two other people who have tried it recently have both agreed too. I’m yet to channel any of Gary’s magic through it though…

David Bateman 

August 2019

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