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Groovers & Shakers: Billy Gladstone

Billy Gladstone was born on December 15th, 1892 and began life in Romania as William David Goldstein. His father was English and the supervisor of Romania’s Symphony Orchestra. His musical education and playing career began on the baritone horn in his father’s orchestra but he was more interested in studying percussion - enough to make

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William Randolph ‘Cozy’ Cole

'Cozy' Cole was born on October 17th, 1909 in Orange, New Jersey and since his three brothers were jazz musicians it was inevitable he’d become one too - especially since his brother Herbie was also a drummer. After a couple of years at Wilberforce University in Ohio, 1926 saw Cozy move just over a half

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Groovers and Shakers: Bill Bruford

William Scott Bruford was born on May 17, 1949 and he and I were without doubt contemporaries. We’ve sat together talking about drums and drumming quite a few times over the years. Argent, Yes and several others were happily beating the same progressive rock path around the world so we were often thrust together at

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Avedis Zildjian III

Avedis Zildjian III was born on December 6th, 1889 in Samatya which was the Armenian area inside the city walls of Constantinople. Avedis' father was an attorney who became a politician and who sent his son to a prestigious French school. Avedis was evidently something of a polyglot who, as a boy spoke Greek, Armenian,

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Aynsley Dunbar

I knew Aynsley Thomas Dunbarwhen he was a ‘face’ around London in the sixties who I bumped into a lot around the drum shops, ‘frothy’ coffee bars and London clubs like 'The Speakeasy' in Margaret Street and of course the Marquee in Wardour Street. We knocked about with him when he moved to California around

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Bobbie Clarke

Bobbie Clarke may well have been the first proper rock ‘n’ roll drummer I saw at the Imperial Hall, my local dance hall in Waltham Cross, a dormitory town just outside of London. This would have been towards the end of the 1950's. However, he was known by his real name Bobby Woodman at the

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Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips was born in London on February 7th, 1957 which makes him considerably younger than me. However, I’ve known him since he burst onto the music scene at a very precocious age. He went to a school called Winchester House outside of London where they weren’t able to accommodate his desire to be a

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Bernard Purdie

I have bumped into Bernard Purdie quite a lot at trade shows over the years. He’s a gregarious guy and we’ve had some pleasant, informative and downright funny conversations together. By the way, just in case you meet him his first name is always pronounced in the American way, with a stress on the last

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Phil Collins

Phillip David Charles Collins was born on January 30th, 1951 and as it happens I like to think I actually know him reasonably well. We played on an Argent album together back in the seventies, and believe it or not he invited me to join Genesis when Peter Gabriel left. But, to get to the

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Jon Hiseman RIP

It’s with profound surprise and deep regret that we have to report the passing of our pal and every drummer of my era’s mentor: the great Jon Hiseman. Jon died at 03.55 on June 12th, 2018. I grew up musically around him and he kindly put a couple of great gigs my way which I

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