Drum Geeks In The Shed, Part 1, Snare Drums

Think you’re a drum geek? If so, we have the perfect thing for you!

This is the first Drum Geeks In The Shed video, where mikedolbear.com stalwart Dave Bateman (centre) talks to Gareth Burnett (on the left) and Matt Keenan (on the right) about a different aspect of drum gear, and in this case, snare drums.

Want to know how a different hoop might affect the sound or feel of a drum? Want to know what drums are a definite ‘Yes!” and which aren’t so good for various genres? You have come to the right place.

This is the first in an occasional series where the guys will talk about an aspect of gear which affects us every day

Dave Bateman 
is a (very, very) keen collector of interesting drums as well as a player for various bands in West London. He’s been writing for mikedolbear.com since the very beginning, and is the resident reviewer.

Gareth Burnett teaches at the Mill Hill Music Complex and in the Winchmore Hill Friends Meeting House in North London, and is more of a jazz player.

Matt Keenan plays in various covers bands around the home counties and teaches a little bit too.

Both Gareth and Matt do drum show work for mikedolbear.com so you may recognise them from The London Drum Show or the UK Drum Show.

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