NEW SERIES – Backstage with… Eric Hernandez (Bruno Mars)

This is the first of a new ‘Backstage with…’ series where we get to see behind the scenes with some really top flight drummers, and venture into areas that the public just never, ever see.

In this first episode Mike chatted to Eric Hernandez from Bruno Mars’ Band when he was in London at the O2 as part of the 24k Magic World Tour.

As well as talking through his gear from the electronics to the acoustics, Eric talks about the band dynamic, the tightness of the tour family, how he balances his home life with his work, health and touring, and his daily gigging routine. 

Its not often that you’re related to the artist (Eric is Bruno’s brother) and that introduces a different chemistry as well as everything else that Eric handles from day to day.

If you haven’t read the interview we did with Eric a while back, do yourself a favour and have a read – Eric’s journey from being a drummer, to working for the LAPD and back to drummer again – is truly exceptional, and very interesting. You can read the interview here 

This video interview is sponsored by Drum Workshop and Remo, two of Eric’s most important endorsers, and we are very thankful to them for making this possible.

Expect to see more ‘Backstage with…’ very soon.

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