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Drum Tech Stories – An Introduction

This month were very pleased to start a new series, written by Martin Oldham. Many of you will know him already for his Drum Teching and writing, but for those that don't, we thought we'd ask him a few questions so you know where he's coming from when his articles start next month. Who are

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Meet The YDOTY Final Ten!

The Final Ten..! The following drummers are those who will be going to Leamington Spa on 4th February for the final of Young Drummer Of The Year 2018! So here they are, telling us a little about themselves. If you want to see what sort of standard YDOTY is, check out the videos of last

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Michael Schack

With his big, exuberant movements and fast, hard hitting drumming style, Michael Schack is the perfect proof that electronic drum pads can’t melt. Being a demonstrator and developer for Roland and having been one of the first to bring edrums to the live stage, Schack is widely known for his work behind the rubber tubs

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Billy Ward Blog Number 15

Disciplined vs. Loosey-Goosey Here’s one person.  Do you see part of yourself here? If you are the type person that keeps your nose to the grindstone and have worked on that one or two things for a week, break it up!  Make your practice session a practice in diversity.  Find something else to do.  I

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Up Close & Personal with Stewart Copeland

Mike sits down with possibly one of the most famous ex-Policemen...ever! Recorded at Stewart's 'Home' Studio - a place that many great soundtracks have been recorded and mixed by this eclectic composer. Going back to his days before the Police and how scanning brains might unlock secrets to multi-limb coordination! Keep checking the site for

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Buddy Rich @ 100

We first put up this tribute at the start of 2017, but we thought it was fitting as the site went live on his birthday to revisit it, and again have a look at the life of Buddy Rich. “Bernard ‘Buddy’ Rich, was born on September 30th, 1917 so we’re just a bit early with

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Adam Betts

Adam Betts has been shaping young drummers careers as a tutor at the renowned BIMM London for years - amongst them mine - but his work outside the class room is even more impressive. With a jazz degree from the Royal College of Music and a background in rock and funk drumming, Adam found himself

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Backstage with Steve Barney

In the next episode of the ‘Backstage with…’ series, Mike talks to Steve Barney, drummer with Anastacia (since 2009) and currently out with Mike and The Mechanics. In this episode, Mike travelled to the BIC in Bournemouth to catch up with Steve when he was recently touring with Anastacia on date 13 of the 14

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Up Close & Personal – Matt Helders

Mike sits down with Matt Helders to catch up on whats been happening since the Sheffield born drummer moved to Los Angeles. They catch up on Matt's Post Pop Depression project and of course, Arctic Monkeys. Plus Mike asks Matt for his feelings about five iconic drummers. Keep checking the site for more Up Close

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Backstage With … Karl Brazil

This is the second episode of the new ‘Backstage with…’ series where we get to see behind the scenes with some really top flight drummers, and venture into areas that the public just never, ever see.  In this episode, Mike travels to Southampton to catch up with Karl Brazil with Robbie Williams on the third date

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