And Don’t Forget To Bend At The Knees…

At the age of 16 after finishing school I took a music course at Oxford College of Further Education. Not to be confused with actual Oxford University (far from it, back then the College was a hotbed of underage pregnancy and underachievement...) the formative music education, and the chance to meet likeminded musicians, was invaluable

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Spring and David Hockney

Spring has sprung once again friends, although long hours on the road have meant that only my right arm so far has any colour - I think they call it the truck drivers tan…? I recently returned home late from a Leicester show to find my Dad confuzzled in a corner, leant over his guitar

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Mike Monaghan’s View From The Drumstool 

Rest in peace sweet one In the September ’16 edition of View From The Drum Stool I (twice!) erroneously referred to my faded-red Vauxhall Astra Estate as trusty. Alas the mean and miserable month of January did prove those fateful words false and with a clunk, a strain and one final almighty misfire

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